Extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda

Thanks to a Mediterranean microclimate, the extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda, rigorously cold-pressed, releases extraordinary organoleptic properties that make this product unique.

The olives are picked directly from the tree by hand or using mechanical systems that have no influence on their quality. In a short time they are transported to the oil mill where the oil, a real olive juice, comes to life.

The colour ranges from green to a more or less intense yellow, medium to light fruity smell, fruity flavour with very balanced sweet notes and a typical almond aftertaste. Another fundamental characteristic is the low acidity and the marked presence of chlorophyll.

Evidence of oil production in this region dates back to Roman times and is more recently described in the works of Catullus, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Gabriele D’Annunzio.

For three generations now, our family in Bardolino has been the spokesperson for this authentic elixir that blends quality and tradition from father to son. Read our story here.

Did you know that Lake Garda is the northernmost area in the world for olive oil production?