Whole summer truffle 25 G


Whole summer truffle. Drained weight 25 g. Once opened, keep refrigerated for 2 days. The truffle is presented whole, usually 3 pieces, to be grated.


The Whole Summer Truffle is the perfect product for enthusiasts who don’t want to give up the pleasure of tasting the Truffle 12 months a year: its strong point is its naturalness as it is a truffle washed and preserved in brine, without the addition of other ingredients. It can be processed in the same way as fresh truffles: grated, sliced and made with flakes.


– Pasta, risotto, polenta
– Raw meat: veal carpaccio or tartare
– Raw, roasted or grilled fish
– Sushi
– Eggs
– Bread (toasts, sandwiches)
– Finger food
– Crustaceans

Ingredients: Summer truffle, water, salt, aroma.

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