Transport and delivery times


Upon receipt of the amount due, Bardoleat shall pack and ship the goods ex works via courier or mail. Having fulfilled this commitment, Bardoleat shall be regarded as having fulfilled all its commitments.

However, the buyer is required to check with the relevant customs authorities that there are no limits to the importing of the goods concerned.

The parties to this contract agree that delays may arise from factors beyond the control of the parties.

The customer, upon receipt of the goods, must check that the number of packages coincide with the number on the consignment note and the goods are not damaged. Any reports shall be indicated on the waybill at the time of delivery and sent for information to:

Delivery times

10 working days.

🚚 SHIPPING COSTS: transport costs are automatically calculated according to the quantity of products placed in the cart. 

Shipping rates Italy


Up to 150 €

over 150 €


€ 11,90


Tariffs for foreign shipments


6 bottles / 1 box

7+ bottles / + boxes

Europe 1

€ 14,00

€ 23,00

Europe 2

€ 17,00

€ 30,00

Europe 3

€ 20,00

€ 36,00

Europe 1: Germany, Austria

Europe 2: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia

Europe 3: Romania, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria

PLEASE NOTE: our shipping wrappers are for 6 bottles. To reduce pollution you can select multiples of 6.

We are not Amazon. We will never be able to ship the groceries you order on our site in a few hours. We collect the orders, package the product and ship it as soon as possible. We are sure you will understand what it means to be a small Italian company.

Of course, as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse you will receive an email from our trusted courier. In any case, you can always refer to our contacts: we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

🌱 We only use cardboard boxes in order to respect the planet. Thanks to new technology our boxes are shockproof and environmentally friendly!

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