Salsa Tartufata 80 G


The Truffle Sauce is one of the most appreciated products: its typical taste of truffle and mushrooms and its ease of use make it a versatile product for many recipes.


Bread (toasted or croutons)
Pasta, risotto, polenta
Filling for pasta (ravioli or tortellini) or meat
Grilled, roast or fried meat
Grilled, roasted or pan-fried vegetables (especially potatoes, artichokes and aubergines)
Baked fish


Cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, black olives, summer truffle 1% (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), aroma, salt.

To make the best use of the product’s qualities, we recommend using a quantity of 15-20 g of sauce per person, heating for 5 minutes in a pan after adding only salt and extra virgin olive oil.

It is ideal as a condiment for croutons and fillings for appetizers, first and second courses, omelettes and as a base for all truffle dishes.

Once opened store +2° / +4° and consume within 7 days.
Type of packaging: glass jar
Allergens: the product does not contain allergens (Dir. n. 2003/89/CE – D. I.vo n. 114/2006)
Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:

Energy: 1312 KJ / 319 kcal
Fats: 33 g of which
Saturated fatty acids: 10 g
Carbohydrates: 2.2 g of which
Fibres: 2 g
Sugars: 0.2 g
Protein: 2.5 g
Salt (sodium x 2.5): 1.53 g

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