Bardolino DOC Biologico Bardoleat


A fruity, gentle wine that originates in the Bardolino area between Lake Garda and the windy slopes of Monte Baldo.

It is characterised by a brilliant ruby red colour, the nose is frank and clean with spicy notes of white pepper that stand out above all, accompanied by hints of small red fruits and pomegranate. In the mouth, it is medium structured with dry tannins that are rounded off by ageing in amphora. The minerality and savouriness give good persistence to the palate, which is immediately ready for a second sip.

The ORGANIC certification attests to its high quality standards.


This is an easy-drinking, fresh and light wine for the whole meal, which goes especially well with meat, cheese and soups.


Traditional red with short maceration in which contact with the skins does not exceed 6/7 days.


The training system is the Trentino pergola and the simple Trentino pergola.


Alcohol 12.5%.

Bottled by ICQRF VR 7932 IT and distributed by Bardoleat sas – Via Toscanini 1, 37011 Bardolino VR

Bottle of 750 ml

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